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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Walking Dead and Random Stuff

I've kinda been neglecting this blog...oh well...whatever.  Anyways, I'm just gonna do a brief update on upcoming stuff (as if anyone cares...).

The Walking Dead AnimationCity Style Drawings
Completely random. That's all I can really say. I'm drawing the characters from The Walking Dead as if they were AnimationCity characters. Really? It's come down to this? So far I've completed Merle and Daryl Dixon...and Shane...but he's not in a video yet. A whole whopping 24 views total so far. You don't have anything on this, PSY...

Ol' Bum-Bum Has 200+ Views? WHAT!?
I had no clue I'd get so many views on that thing. I'm happy, yeah, but amazed, too. Thanks to all the people who watched it/liked it!

800+ Videos = Too Many?
I'm not sure if my massive accumulation of videos is scaring viewers off. It's all my gaming videos, I'm sure, that take up most of that number. I'm gonna eliminate some of the dumb videos I uploaded thinking they were "funny" at the time.

Other Channels
Are you even reading this anymore? probably are...or aren't...but whatever. I've got some other channels that I haven't really gotten around to advertising on my channel yet...anyways, here they are:
  • AnimationCityTV - the "official" channel for my AnimationCity productions
  • OddFanfictions - the title? 'nuff said
  • OurGhostlyWorld - paranormal videos for my site,
  • o.o there could be more and I'm just forgetting
Yup. 'Nuff said.

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